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How to do Results and Stats
by DMAMLL posted 3/2/2013

Greetings Managers and Staff,

Please read this email in its entirety as it explains MANDATORY statistics and results reporting for your games.

For A, AA, AAA, Majors, and Juniors, you are required, per Little League rules, to enter your results and pitching statistics.

If you are not receiving a reminder email and would like one please contact the information officer. Not getting a reminder email after every game is not an excuse for putting in your results

THE HOME TEAM will be responsible for keeping track of pitch counts and the score during the game. HOWEVER, someone in the AL is not allowed to enter stats for someone in the NL and vice versa. As such, both teams are responsible for entering their own stats.

THE HOME TEAM is then responsible for checking on both AL and NL sites (if it is an interleague game) to make sure the stats are correct. You cannot ENTER stats for an AL team if you're in the NL, but you can SEE the statistics to check if they're correct.

Here's how you do it:

1. Log into the site. Locate your team (probably is already there by default if you've logged into it before). One of the buttons on the Team menu is "Results". Click this. You'll be taken to a list of your past games, including the most recent one. You will see two buttons to the right of the game you want to enter results for. The first is yellow and when you hover over it, you'll see Enter/edit Results. Click this.

2. Now that you're in the results page, you can enter your score and your opponent's score. Do this and optionally enter comments about the game that you and others can see. Here's the cool part: from there, you can push "Stats-". Push it. This will save the results of the game and go directly to statistics. There are other ways to get there, but this is the quickest.

3. On the stats page, click attendance for everyone that was there, enter pitch count and innings pitched for your pitchers, and enter any home runs.

4. For a league game, you will have a button that leads to your opponent's stats where you can check or enter their stats as well. Note that this is always there, regardless of whether you're the home team. I encourage both teams to check each other's stats. Just remember that the home team's stats are "official."

Once you've saved the stats and results, they will all be shown in both a view for your team and one for your entire division.

THESE MUST BE UPDATED BY THE NEXT DAY AFTER YOUR GAME! Delegate! If you'd like someone else besides a coach or team parent to have permissions to enter stats, let me know and I will add them a as "scorekeeper."

Thanks for your attention and please let me know if you have any issues with this. 

League Information Officer